Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He Loves Her More Than I Do!!!

Sometimes it's easy for me to forget that Jesus loves Emily more than I do.

Especially when things are hard and bad things are happening to her that I don't understand or can't explain. When those things happen it's easy for me to lose focus and think of the issue/issues at hand. And that is where the mistake is made.

When I focus on what is happening to Emily I only see what is happening in that moment and I don't see the big picture. God does.

God sees the bigger picture and God knows the end and the outcome of Emily's battle with Infantile Spasms. He also loves Emily with a love that I will never fully know or understand this side of Heaven.

You must remember that. When you see your child suffering and you can't explain why they are going through what they are going through you have to remember how much God loves them. The love you have for your child is NOTHING compared to how much God loves them!!

That is how you know what you are going through will be okay in the end. That is how you know that God is in control and His wisdom and love is beyond anything we could ever know or understand.

And that is something you can always fall back on!

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Mary Johnson said...

That is the truth. When your child is sick or having problems, all we can do as parents is sit by and pray. It is such a helpless feeling. But Emily was given to our family by a loving God who knows her outcome and loves her more than we do. We can never love as much as God. God IS love. We have to learn to put her life in HIS hands and turn her over to Him in trust.
He is the Great Physician.
I love you all.
MOM (Mary)